Clemen Wilcox  – Founder

Clemen W - Public Photo- ES

Clemen, our founder, has more than 10 years of Hispanic marketing experience in the United States. As a native Spanish speaker, with professional writing skills, Hispanic art direction, plus an engineering background, she has provided professional services to companies such as media giant MeredithKraft Comida & Familia, Mazola Oil, NeuBridg, Community CPA, the Department of Commerce of the United States Embassy, Siempre Mujer Magazine, and Main Dish Media, among others. Her clients constantly seek her expertise and dynamism to make the most of their marketing campaigns.

In addition to her professional career, Clemen enjoys being involved in community and professional activities. She is a board member of The Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens. She is also the Chairman of the Advisory board of World Languages at Grandview University, she is part of the Equity & Inclusion of the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, and acts as VP of Public Relations of Los Oradores Urbandale Toastmaster Club.